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Much isn't what it seems in this film. The exterior of the "Russian" church in Goldeneye is actually Brompton Cemetery.

9) Urban Ghost Story (1998)

The film was funded by Eurostar, and therefore features lots of lingering shots at its St Pancras terminal. Most of the action takes place around Phoenix Court on Purchese Street. Bond's first appearance on the silver screen is at the "Le Cercle" casino in Dr No. Admiralty Arch appears as a military checkpoint in this dystopian thriller.

20 Real-Life Spooky Locations That Inspired Iconic Halloween Films

Renton leaves behind his drug-addicted friends to work in London, renting a flat on Talgarth Road in West Kensington. The boys manage to offload two kilos of heroin in Bayswater, and can be seen in the film strutting from Smallbrook Mews to Craven Road. Danny Boyle's post-apocalyptic horror features incredible shots of a deserted London, filmed in the early hours of the morning.

Ethan enjoys a well earned pint at the Anchor Tavern. Langdon's hunt takes him to Temple Church, the former headquarters of the Knights Templar. Other locations to feature include Gloucester Terrace an Opus Dei safe house , and Westminster Abbey exteriors only. The Beatles arrive in London at Marylebone Station though there aren't actually any connections to Liverpool.

Gary Oldman took a swim in the Hampstead Heath bathing ponds in the adaptation of John le Carre's novel. Pet Sematary was filmed in the town, at locations including Mount Hope Cemetery ; the Thomas Hill Standpipe inspired the water tower in evil clown flick It nearby you can also ogle the sewer drain on the corner of Union and Jackson Streets where Pennywise stakes out Georgie Denbrough. Made in , the gothic vampire horror Nosferatu features terrifying scenes in the fictional town of Wisborg, shot on location in northern Germany.

Both towns are an hour or so by car or train from Hamburg, so can be easily done as a day trip.

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Blair Witch Project was the lo-fi masterpiece that turned the idea of a wild camping trip into a terrifying experience. Fans of the cult classic who want to test their nerves should head to Seneca Creek state park , Maryland aka the Black Hills Forest to explore the woods where the film was set. Details of other specific spots in the film - such as the Shack and Coffin Rock — can be found on fan forums, though sadly the Griggs House known as the Rustin Parr house in the film, and where it reaches its nail-biting climax has been demolished, despite a campaign to save it.

A tiny, privately owned island in the Blackwater estuary in Essex, Osea has retained an enchanting air; it has long drawn artists and musicians seeking solitude and is home to a cutting-edge recording studio.

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But the one thing that gives Osea island its true sense of mystery is the fact that it is accessed by a narrow pebble tidal causeway, passable only every seven hours. This causeway features prominently in the film adaptation of The Woman in Black , and the production team spent two weeks filming on the island, capturing the eerie atmosphere of the landscape.


London’s Horror Film Locations

Hannibal Lecter is a man of refined tastes when it comes to the arts, and Florence is a city that features prominently in his life, forming a key setting in the second part of the book and film series by Thomas Harris. What could be more titillating than the romantic lives of young vampires and werewolves?


The town also hosts an annual celebration, Forever Twilight in Forks , in September. Horror classic The Wicker Man follows a Christian policeman as he attempts to solve the mystery of a missing girl in a pagan community on the remote Scottish island of Summerisle. Though there are some real Summer Isles , the film was shot in a range of locations on the mainland. The village of Anwoth, in Dumfries and Galloway, is the home of the church ruins featured in the film, as well as the schoolhouse.

The isle of Skye which was used for the aerial shots at the start of the film , counts magical Fairy Pools among its sites.

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  5. The volcano was a location in Japanese film The Return of Godzilla , with the vast crater being used as a prison for the monster. The volcano itself is metres high, and visitors can take a scenic walk around the edge of the crater.

    British Horror Film Locations British Horror Film Locations
    British Horror Film Locations British Horror Film Locations
    British Horror Film Locations British Horror Film Locations
    British Horror Film Locations British Horror Film Locations
    British Horror Film Locations British Horror Film Locations

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