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The following morning, Haytham informed Birch, who came to the same conclusion about Digweed. Birch introduced him to Edward Braddock , a fellow Templar, who was to be in charge of the search.

As Haytham prepared for the journey and recorded his final entry in London , Birch came informing him Digweed had fled, but nevertheless they would find him. They discovered she had fallen into the hands of Turkish slavers , and bought a chateau near Troyes , France after Simpkin ran out of money for their travels. Haytham found solace under Birch's Templar instruction, as they appeared to be the answer to Edward's philosophy of questioning. The outbreak of the War of the Austrian Succession forced them to turn their attentions away from Jenny and Digweed.

In , Haytham was inducted into the Order, and his skills were put to use when he was sent to assassinate a greedy merchant in Liverpool , and then an Austrian prince, protecting Templar interests.

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He visited London, where reconstruction work on the house in the square was continuing, but his mother was too ill to see him. He also attempted to locate Digweed's family, but to no avail. Haytham entered Vedomir's home by posing as a Genoese cheesemaker. Vedomir noticed he had an English accent, but Haytham lied that he did so due to the ongoing conflict.

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Just as Vedomir tasted the cheese and realized it was from a local cheesemaker, Haytham strangled him with his scarf, and, as instructed, obtained his journal. Birch explained he had suspected Vedomir of collaborating with the Assassins. After much coercion, he revealed the journal contained information on the whereabouts of a First Civilization temple , to which Haytham laughed, as he was a skeptic.

Birch also informed Haytham that his mother had died of injuries sustained from a fall the week before. En route to London, Haytham reread the entry of his childhood journal dated 10 December , and his description of a man's boots he saw while peering through Betty's keyhole. He realized what he had to do.

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  5. After Tessa's memorial, Haytham left to track Betty, who had attended. Entering her bedroom at her new residence, he threatened her with a sword and demanded information on Digweed, whom he had realized was Betty's lover.

    Assassin's Creed: Forsaken by Oliver Bowden

    Betty explained a man had threatened Digweed's children, who were being cared for by his sister in Herefordshire after the death of his wife. Haytham correctly guessed the man had a West Country accent, recounting the information Violet passed to him via Emily. Betty revealed Violet had soon died in a street robbery. Peter , not far from Freiburg. Haytham and Birch arrived there two weeks later.

    They asked a shopkeeper for information, but he was reluctant, so Haytham threatened his son. The shopkeeper revealed two British soldiers had asked for Digweed's location. He had responded that Digweed lived in a cabin fifteen miles north, and they ordered him to deny anyone else the information on pain of death. Haytham and Birch dashed out and rode eight miles north. While their horses rested, Haytham scouted the area with a spyglass, and spotted one of the soldiers, who had pointed ears, and the two resumed their ride to the cabin.

    There, they found the soldier about to slit Digweed's throat. Haytham threw his sword at his arm, and pursued and confronted him into the forest, while Birch attended to Digweed. In the ensuing fight, Haytham brutally defeated the soldier, who turned out to be the man with the West Country accent. Haytham demanded to know why his father was killed, and before he died, the soldier revealed that Edward was an Assassin, and was killed for something in his possession.

    Haytham went to inform Birch, only to discover Digweed had died of his wounds. Disappointed, he gave Birch a paper from the knifeman's body, revealing he was a member of the Coldstream Guards , who were fighting under Braddock in the Dutch Republic.

    After a disagreement over Haytham's suspicions of Braddock, Haytham rode off to find the pointy eared man. Haytham chronicled his day pursuing the pointy eared man on the horse, whom he had christened Scratch for the way she nuzzled him for an apple. Haytham and Scratch came to the corpse strewn site of a battle, and spotted the pointy eared man riding back to the rejoin the army. Both men left their tired horses and ran, but Haytham became stuck in a thick pool of mud, and the killer attacked him. Haytham managed to strike his knee and stabbed his sword into his thigh, wrenching himself out of the mud.

    The British troops came across the two men struggling: Haytham explained he was an associate of Braddock and demanded the man be taken into his custody. The commanding officer ignored him and struck him unconscious with the hilt of his sword. Haytham was woken with cold water and found himself in the hangman's noose with four other men, including the pointy eared officer, who was executed for desertion. Haytham protested, demanding Braddock's presence, but the executioner ignored him, so Haytham knocked off his stool and wrapped his legs around the assistant's throat.

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    The executioner, who was checking the pointy eared man's body, realized what was happening and ran back up the platform. Haytham maneuvered the assistant's body into the executioner, breaking the assistant's neck, and the platform collapsed.

    Assassin's Creed: Forsaken (Book 5)

    After being treated for his injuries by Doctor Tennant , Haytham was greeted by Braddock, who explained he was being executed as they assumed he was the pointy eared man's accomplice. He sneered over the death of Edward's killer, whom he identified as Tom Smith , and was unconcerned that he had been in his regiment all along. Braddock granted Haytham permission to continue looking for any associates he could have, and requested his fellow Templar aid him in the defence of the fortress of Bergen op Zoom. Haytham met with Birch at White's, who explained he was holding hostage an Italian Assassin's associate who could decode Vedomir's journal, but that she needed her missing son.

    Birch ordered Haytham to retrieve him from Corsica , and also asked him about Braddock's activities. Haytham told Birch of when Braddock's executioner Slater and his new assistant murdered a family during the retreat from Bergen op Zoom, and that he believed he was moving away from the Templars. Haytham went into his carriage, driven by Jim Holden , a soldier who befriended him in the Dutch Republic. Holden had been the only man forthcoming with information regarding Tom Smith, as his brother had been hanged by Braddock's mercenaries for stealing stew, an offense normally punishable by flogging.

    Holden took up the job of Haytham's driver. In Corsica, Haytham spent two days observing a group of rebel encampment, where Miko , an Assassin guarded Lucio Albertine , the year old Birch had sent him to find. The Genoese came to attack, and in the confusion Haytham pretended to be an Assassin sent to retrieve Lucio, while Miko fended off the attackers.

    Lucio wanted to aid his people, so Haytham claimed he had been sent by his mother, but this caused a negative reaction, prompting Haytham to simply render him unconscious. After lowering Lucio and himself down a ravine into a cave, Miko confronted Haytham, knocking aside his father's sword, but Haytham tackled him onto the edge's ravine, and unfastened his Hidden Blade bracer to make lose his left grip and slide down the rope with his right hand.

    Forsaken: Assassin's Creed Book 5

    After Haytham threatened to cut the rope if he tried to climb back up, Miko took up his suggestion to flee and fight another day. Afterwards, Haytham had Birch's associates transport Lucio to France, while he chartered a ship to Italy to distract the Assassins. Haytham came to Birch's chateau to check on Monica and Lucio, who were chained in the cellar, greatly disturbing him. Haytham promptly threatened Birch into ensuring they would not be harmed once their work was done.

    Invited to a performance of The Beggar's Opera at the Royal Opera House by Birch, Haytham was surprised to see Miko was to be his next assassination target: the journal identified him as possessing an amulet around his neck as what the Templars needed. After assassinating Miko with his Hidden Blade and obtaining the amulet, Haytham was ordered to locate a precursor storehouse in the region of New York and Massachusetts , and was informed that passage had been booked for him on a ship bound for Boston.

    Haytham mentioned that the journey on the Providence had been an eventful one, as an Assassin had tried to kill him and recover the amulet. Johnson's research had been stolen by mercenaries hired by the Colonial Assassins , so Haytham, Lee and Thomas Hickey attacked the bandit compound to retrieve it. Discovering the Church residence was ransacked, Haytham and Lee spoke to witnesses, who revealed Silas Thatcher 's men had taken Church to the waterfront houses.

    While Church recovered from his wounds, Haytham and Lee went to recruit John Pitcairn , but his commander, Braddock, refused to give him leave for his Templar duties. Not giving up, Haytham stalked Braddock's regiment as he recruited civilians to fight in the French and Indian War. When Slater walked off to relieve himself, Haytham killed him and took his uniform, so he could blend in and speak to Pitcairn. Meanwhile, Lee disguised himself as a disgruntled civilian and threw horse dung at Braddock, enraging him.

    Haytham seized the opportunity to attack Braddock, humiliating him as he left with Pitcairn.

    Forsaken (Assassins Creed, Book 5) Forsaken (Assassins Creed, Book 5)
    Forsaken (Assassins Creed, Book 5) Forsaken (Assassins Creed, Book 5)
    Forsaken (Assassins Creed, Book 5) Forsaken (Assassins Creed, Book 5)
    Forsaken (Assassins Creed, Book 5) Forsaken (Assassins Creed, Book 5)
    Forsaken (Assassins Creed, Book 5) Forsaken (Assassins Creed, Book 5)

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