Learning to Love (Yasmin Peace Series)

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Stephanie Perry is the author of many Young Adult Christian fiction titles, showing the people how they can live fully with god in their hearts. The book has some very dramatic moments. Anyways after many years behind bars, Jasmine's dad is finally out of jail, she hopes that her family can hopefully become the same and normal as they were before.

Yasmin Mogahed - Marriage

Jasmine who is the main character in this book later finds trouble with her boyfriend Myrek. This book is about Romance it includes heartbreaks , love and intimacy. Jasmine grew up in the streets neighborhood she is originally from Jacksonville, Florida. She lives there for a while where her complex set on fire due to the weather. They had to move to other side of the apartments place. Florida was pretty hot and the nights were pretty chill and windy.

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Her mother who has a steady job who struggles once in a while. Having a career as a medical technician makes her feel worthy, but she still tries to make ends meet by working at dead-end jobs. He is looking forward to make big changes in their upcoming future. Her two brothers who names are Yancy and York they are all triplets. Myrek was once his best friend at once and then suddenly turned into her boyfriend, she assures that Myrek got her heart on lock.

She is willing to get into trouble with her father for Myrek. Jasmine truly loves Myrek and would love to spent her whole life with him but the only problem is her with dad. This is where conflicts begin, One night after a basketball ball game Jasmine and Myrek were walking home and he made her feel special. When Myrek was about to lean in and kiss her, her dad pulled into the driveway making them go apart since he shined his car lights on both of them.

Her dad got out of the car as quick as possible. Not only that but York and Yancy both didn't like Myrek, which led to even bigger problems. Jasmines feelings were confused and that led her to cause a lot of drama in their family.

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I like how this book describes the way we wouldn't let our beliefs get in the way of the people that we love. I find this book so helpful and interesting. This book taught me a little more things about life, i think that this book is good for the readers who are going through struggles and need help with their life.

In the Chapter where it talks about her encouraging the small details of life. She was so comfortable and confident with herself. She still wanted to make sure she was there for her mom, her mom was everything to her and seeing her mom in pain hurt her. This book really changed my point of view in life.

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This will forever be on of mind. Never take anybody for granted because you never know what the are up to.

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Yasmin Peace

Book 4. As if that was not enough Yasmin's grandmother is diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Through all of these difficult situations, Yasmin maintains hope.

europeschool.com.ua/profiles/vapidibib/senderismo-sierra-calderona.php As she heads off to high school, things finally start to look up. She has three great friends, her father is out of jail and finally, all the drama is behind her. At least that's what Yasmin thinks.

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She has yet to learn the lessons of love as she finds out that loving those who are the closest to her is not always an easy thing to do. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Learning to Love (Yasmin Peace Series) Learning to Love (Yasmin Peace Series)
Learning to Love (Yasmin Peace Series) Learning to Love (Yasmin Peace Series)
Learning to Love (Yasmin Peace Series) Learning to Love (Yasmin Peace Series)
Learning to Love (Yasmin Peace Series) Learning to Love (Yasmin Peace Series)
Learning to Love (Yasmin Peace Series) Learning to Love (Yasmin Peace Series)
Learning to Love (Yasmin Peace Series) Learning to Love (Yasmin Peace Series)

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