Property Asset Management

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Property Asset Management | Oakland CA

Tax Valuation Tax valuation and consulting in connection with transactions, compliance, planning and disputes. The purpose of an IPM is to revolutionise the industry by taking a hospitality approach to managing assets and delivering exemplary customer service.

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The success of our IPM solution has been recruitment of our on-site teams from outside of the property industry. IPM builds a foundation for customers and clients which ensure that the development is sustainable and creates a genuine community spirit. Delivering exemplary customer experience is at the heart of our company, as is driving continual innovation and so transforming the role of the property manager. With a successful heritage of providing clients and residents an exemplary service which not only protects their assets, and adds value to their portfolio, but also provides an enjoyable, safe and compliant environment for residents to live.

Our role is to offer institutional and private investors, who are seeking to deploy funds into investment grade, income generating residential property assets, with a suite of asset management services.

When it comes to office leasing, the time and sensitivity involved in making the right choice is huge. With our holistic approach in exploring and choosing the best option for you, we leave no stone unturned to offer you a reliable choice.

Real Estate Asset Management vs Property Management

Our expertise and innovation driven approach in leasing office properties is loved by our clients. We offer leasing for all types of business parks, multi tenant buildings, and any other office space. We understand your concerns while making the right choice and hence, our core focus is on reducing your risk and costs associated with leasing an office property.

With our customized and reliable approach to office leasing, we keep in mind the commercial trends, sustainability and market analysis to provide you an office lease that goes well with your business objectives. Part of this responsibility is making sure that any fire alarm systems are regularly maintained and in good working order.

Our qualified engineers can service any type of alarm system, and if you have more than one, they can service them all in one single contract. Thermographic surveys on electrical distribution equipment can identify potential problems long before failure. They are often carried out in support of commissioning new switchgear, predictive maintenance activities, insurance requirements and fire risk assessment recommendations.

Property Asset Management

Surveys are non-intrusive, there will be no disturbance to your property or business processes saving you time and money. Our office and premises cleaning teams work throughout the UK, maintaining front of house and washroom facilities to the highest standards. We always look to use the latest cleaning technology to save you time and money, including smart phone washroom apps to alert staff and smart dosing systems to reduce chemical usage.

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