The Procession of Planets

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October Astronomy: A Late-Month Procession of Stars Is Both Led and Concluded by Arcturus

In compiling his famous star catalog completed in bce , the Greek astronomer Hipparchus noticed that the positions of the stars were shifted in a systematic way from earlier Babylonian Chaldean measures. This indicated that it was not the stars that were moving but rather the observing platform—Earth. Precession was the third-discovered motion of Earth, after the far more obvious daily rotation and annual revolution.

To a much lesser extent, the planets exert influence as well. Because of precession, these points trace out circles on the sky.

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It will point closest to Polaris about ce. Presently, the south celestial pole does not point in the vicinity of any bright star. This projection, a great circle, is called the celestial equator. The celestial equator intersects another useful great circle, the ecliptic. As Earth orbits the Sun, the constantly changing direction from which the Sun is viewed causes it to trace out the ecliptic. The celestial equator is inclined at a The celestial equator and the ecliptic intersect at two points called the equinoxes vernal and autumnal.

During the course of the year , as Earth orbits the Sun, the latter is seen crossing the Equator twice, in March moving from the Southern Hemisphere into the Northern Hemisphere and in September moving in the opposite direction. The equinoxes drift westward along the ecliptic at the rate of Precession of the equinoxes. Thus we hear of Humanity applying to Astrology in matters of Divination for such mundane questions as, which career path to choose, or whether or not to invest in the commodities market. The influences of the planetary bodies, their gravitational pulls and the shadow they cast over Us, are too broad and pervasive an effect, for it to have any Personal or personally directed effect, especially when the Sky is cut so broadly as it is in the Zodiac; especially as the Sky and the Bodies ascendent and descendent bejewelling her Body covers all on the Planet equally.

If the perceptual universe is a Field of relativity as modern Physics holds, then one can take any point in Space and fix it as the origin of a System of coordinates, or as a fixed point from which to calculate displacements, velocities and the angles of entry of other bodies in the Field. In Astrology, one takes the Sphere of Earth or Malka as the fixed point about which all Else revolves. If one takes the Earth as the center of the system, then the Sun and other bodies appears to trace an elliptical orbit about the dome of the sky over the course of each year called the ecliptic.

This imaginary line or ecliptic is what is termed the Zodiac belt. In fact, the orbital paths of the planets rarely deviate more than 8 degrees of this imaginary line. This in any case, are the conditions as they appear to us here, from our vantage on the surface of the Planet. This belt is now divided equally into twelve segments, so that in this System, the Sky is flattened to a Disc from a sphere supposedly and divided into 12 equal segments or Houses. This division leaves 30 degrees for each House.

The number of segments, like those of the Clock, appear arbitrary at first or convenient at best, as do their attributions. English Title. Date Set. March April July August August September September October October November November December December January January February February March In this way, the separate bodies of the heavens the sun, the moon, the planets, comets and stars , will be each within a particular House at any point in time. The collective positions or map of the locations of the stellar and planetary bodies are said to exercise an influence over the Earth.

It is one thing if Venus in Taurus harmonious and another if it is in Scorpio. It is also a different case altogether if Venus is in Taurus while Mars in the House as well. There is a further discrepancy as to the angle Venus in its House at that Time, makes with the Earth.

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The theory then is that the individual positions of all the bodies combine together to collectively determine the influence field that wafts over the planet and is thus in itself, significant as to ultimately affect the general conditions of the Malka plane. Also, each House has a ruling planet or God and these are more significant that is, constricting or salient as an influence, than any other consideration.

The study of the theory of The Harmony of the Spheres which lies in a sense, at the base of the system, is therefore Necessary. To summarize: one body affects another either harmoniously or unharmoniously, that is, either mitigating or increasing the effect of the first via:. We present summary tables of these two factors, 1 concordance and 2 position.

Astronomy: precession of earth

Students familiar with the Astrology may forego these tables. Each house is said to group properties particular to it, and each House has its Motto and interpretation:.

P hysical appearance, traits and characteristics. Aggression, leadership, enterprise, warfare, government, anger, impulses, inspiration, vengeance. M oney, property, acquisitions. Cultivation and growth. House of Communications. H igher education and childhood environment. Cleverness, trickery, commerce, analysis, reason, intellect, dispute, changeability. House of Home and Family. A ncestry, heritage, roots. Early foundation and environment. Maternal archetypes. Caretaker of the household.

A Note on Astrology & The Procession of the Aeons

Cyclic end of matters. Intense emotion, rapid movement, changeability, oracles and divination, adaptability, hidden things. R ecreational and leisure activities. Games and gambling. Creative self-expression. R outine tasks and duties. Skills or training acquired. Health and overall well-being. Service performed for others. C lose relationships.

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Marriage and business partners. Agreements and treaties. Open known enemies. Beauty, pleasure, intellect, communication, aesthetic senses, love. House of Reincarnation. C ycles of Deaths And Rebirth. Sexual relationships. Occult, psychic and taboo matters. Warfare, aggression, intense emotion, hidden things. C ulture.

Long distance travels and journeys. Law and ethics. Experience through expansion.

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L earning, changeability, inspiration, religion. House of Social Status. A mbitions. Status in society. Father or father figure. Breadwinner of the household. Leadership, restriction, limitation, rapid movement. G roups, clubs and societies. Higher associations. Benefits and fortunes from career. M ysticism. Places of seclusion, self-imposed imprisonments.

Catalog Record: The procession of planets | HathiTrust Digital Library

Things not apparent to self, yet clearly seen by others. Elusive, clandestine, secretive or unbeknownst matters. Retreat, reflection and self-sacrifice. Unknown enemies. Planetary Rulerships. The table below indicates which planets are exalted, in detriment or in fall in the various signs. In general, planets will be in detriment in those signs opposite to the signs they rule. Planets are also said to be in their fall in certain signs, implying a waning of their force.

The Procession of Planets The Procession of Planets
The Procession of Planets The Procession of Planets
The Procession of Planets The Procession of Planets
The Procession of Planets The Procession of Planets
The Procession of Planets The Procession of Planets
The Procession of Planets The Procession of Planets
The Procession of Planets The Procession of Planets
The Procession of Planets The Procession of Planets
The Procession of Planets The Procession of Planets

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